The Off-Season Rugby Lifting Guide

Here’s how to hit next pre-season stronger, fresher, and ready to dominate on the pitch! For amateur rugby players, the weights room can be a best friend and a place to dread. But off-season gym work doesn’t have to be boring or painful. In fact, putting in some sensible work in your off season should help you rest, recuperate, and get much stronger so you arrive at the start of pre-season a better player. Whether you play League or Union, forward or back, here’s how to make the most of... Read More


A Positive Outlook To Fitness In 2019

  Every December and January, we see people make health and fitness resolutions. Generally, they are aesthetic based (to carve out abs, fit into X size clothing, etc) and often they are the product of guilt surrounding a little too much indulgence over the holidays. What more of us need to realise, however, is that exercise resolutions coming from a place of hatred, sadness or guilt, are destined to fail. Before you rush to Facebook to announce your intentions for the new year ahead, question your motivations. Pick a New... Read More


Make Muscle Growth Simple Again! How To Build Muscle Effectively

Part 1 – Training to Grow! “The Winter Coat” The contest season is as good as over… it’s getting cold outside… the shows are withering away until 2019… that means – it’s “off season”! “Grow time”! Time to put on that “winter fat” and make those improvements which stopped you taking 1st place this season, ready for next season! So what’s the plan of attack? … well hold that thought for a second! This article may help you rethink or re-evaluate what your plans are. Realistic goals First of all,... Read More

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9 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Festive Period (Without Being The Grinch!)

  Christmas doesn’t have to mean weight gain. It starts with your advent calendar chocolates, and ends with… well, where does it end? The festive period can be one long whirlwind of meals, snacks, drinks, and bizarre food choices (mince pies for breakfast, anyone?) If you don’t want to look like Santa by the time January rolls around, it’s time to put some measures in place. Now. Can you enjoy the festive period without sacrificing your health and fitness goals? We think so. And this is how to do it.... Read More


The Most Important Training Technique You’re Not Doing

Master the mind/muscle technique to gain more mass and build a balanced physique. There’s one elite-level training technique which could take your training results from humdrum to stellar… but you need to master it first. It’s nothing to do with exercise selection, rep ranges, or weight on the bar. And it’s everything to do with your mind. Let’s talk about mind/muscle connection and how to build muscle holistically. What is mind/muscle connection, how can we develop it, and why does it hold the secret to better muscle development?   What... Read More

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Testosterone: Hormones, Performance And Quality Of Life

 Low testosterone can affect your performance in and out of the gym! Are there natural ways to boost test?  Your body’s natural testosterone levels can have a significant impact on your ability to train, recover, and build muscle. Testosterone is one of the anabolic hormones, helping your body lay down muscle tissue. But test helps in more ways than one. Decent testosterone levels make you feel energised, focused, and buzzing to train. And the reverse is true: low testosterone can leave you feeling tired, demotivated, and even depressed.  There’s a lot... Read More


Workout Wednesday – Mass Building Quad Workout

Anatomy As the name implies, the quadriceps (quads) are made up of four muscles: the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius, and the rectus femoris, which lie on the anterior portion of the thigh. The function of the quads is to assist in keeping the knee stable and to extend the knee joint. For this reason, the quads are particularly engaged when kicking, running and jumping. In bodybuilding, quad development is important to give a thicker look to the lower body from all angles.   The Session Warm up 5... Read More

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Fat Shredding Hacks

  At this time of year, many of us are looking to trim down for the summer. There are several tips and tricks which can make this a quicker, easier and a more enjoyable process. The secret to a successful diet comes down to creating a regimen which you can consistently adhere to. For most this means being able to tick off the basics (eating in a calorie deficit, increasing activity) on a daily basis, before refining the details (macronutrient ratios and timings, supplements, etc). Basically, ranked in order of... Read More


Gym Hacks – 3 Ways To Increase Strength

It is well known that the strength of a muscle is generally proportional to its cross-sectional area, and it is necessary to increase muscle bulk in order to enhance strength. Muscle tissue is mainly composed of proteins (such actin and myosin) and water, and it is important to increase the protein content by modulating protein metabolism when increasing muscle bulk. In other words, muscle bulk and strength can be increased by promoting protein synthesis or by inhibiting protein degradation. Resistance exercise enhances the secretion and production of growth hormone and... Read More


Jeremy Baker Transformation: By Zac Fotheringham

  As a coach I am approached regularly by people wanting to improve their nutrition, training and ultimately their physique.  In February Jeremy contacted me enquiring about coaching. As soon as I met this guy I knew I was dealing with someone with some serious drive to want to build a better physique. His background is pretty hectic, a background that told me straight away if this guy wants something he will do whatever is needed to get it.   Jeremy is a recovered alcohol and drug addict. He will often... Read More