Our New Soft Baked Protein Flapjack Is Unreal

Get ready to discover our new rich, soft protein flapjack! Can a protein flapjack really taste better than a traditional bakery flapjack? We love flapjacks (who doesn’t…) but we’ve never been able to get past the calories, fats, and sugars of the regular kind. Even on a bulking diet, regular flapjacks don’t cut it. But the concept of flapjacks is too good to ignore… So we set out to develop an authentic flapjack with unreal flavors, an amazing texture, and – best of all – incredible macros. Our brand new... Read More


Introducing The New Pro Flapjack

The wait is almost over, soon you will be able to get your hands on our new evolved version of the CNP Pro Flapjacks! The new soft baked flavors are so unbelievably moorish it will change the way you enjoy your calories!   Lemon Meringue – Still zesty, still stupidly moreish. Classic Chocolate – Smooth chocolate and toasted oats all the way. Chocolate Orange – And its not Terry’s, its yours! Cherry Almond – Tarty, sweet and each bite as chewy as the last. We just know you are going... Read More


Best Supplements For Off-Season Rugby Training

  Rugby off-season is prime time for strength gains. As a rugby player, it’s not about muscle definition or 1 rep maxes. You’ll have your own goals for a structured and successful off-season. Off season always flies by faster than it should. Those 12+ weeks seem like an eternity when you first come off the pitch, but they’ll soon disappear. There’s not really much time to make those gains in strength, power, and recovery. Getting your plans in place will really help you hit every off-season goal – and your... Read More


Supplements To Up Your Fitness Life Game

There’s never been a better time to work on your own health and fitness. Just a few decades ago, training was the reserve of sportspeople. Exercise wasn’t something normal people did. Then the workout revolution exploded, and the gym generation was born. These days, wellness and healthy living is part of everyday conversation. You don’t need to have a specific sporty goal to work on your own fitness. In many ways, it’s more impressive to train and eat well without public praise or recognition. If you nail your healthy habits... Read More

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9 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Festive Period (Without Being The Grinch!)

  Christmas doesn’t have to mean weight gain. It starts with your advent calendar chocolates, and ends with… well, where does it end? The festive period can be one long whirlwind of meals, snacks, drinks, and bizarre food choices (mince pies for breakfast, anyone?) If you don’t want to look like Santa by the time January rolls around, it’s time to put some measures in place. Now. Can you enjoy the festive period without sacrificing your health and fitness goals? We think so. And this is how to do it.... Read More


Shakes vs Food For Muscle Recovery

Protein shakes and real food go head to head in the post-workout window. But what is best for muscle recovery? There was a time when every gym goer thought he had to slam down a shake within 30 minutes of putting that final dumbbell away. Times have changed. Although the idea of a strict post-workout window has been largely debunked (1), there’s still some solid evidence to back up eating after training. The timing of your post-workout nutrition might not be as crucial as we once thought. But the contents... Read More

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How To Meal Prep For A Fight: Diet Master – Kerry Kayes

Today we’ll be providing you with a little background information on nutrition to help you when it comes to your own nutrition and diet, no matter your goals. There are 2 parts of your body composition that you are in control of – thought nutrition and lean muscle mass & body fat. In order to make weight, you will no doubt need to implement a diet strategy, if you cut back equally on your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) you will cannibalise (burn off) muscle and body fat alike. Muscle,... Read More


Fighters Nutrition 101 (Performance and Weight Loss tips)

  In boxing, weight matters. Whether you’re training for your first fight, or defending a title, you need to get your it spot on. In fact, bodyweight will matter if you just box for cardio!   Over the years, boxers have used some strange and downright dangerous techniques to make weight. Why do they do it? Obviously if you’re booked for a fight, sitting at the top of a weight category can put you at a real advantage over your competitor. But making weight the wrong way can leave you feeling weak –... Read More

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Ultimate Guide To Cooking With Protein Powder

Show that tub of protein powder some love by taking it beyond the shaker bottle!   We’ve all mixed up our fair share of whey protein shakes: water, whey, mixer bottle, done! And whilst that’s undeniably a great way to meet your protein numbers and get essential amino acids into your day, sometimes it gets… well… a bit boring.  If you’ve been looking for more exciting ways to put protein powder into your daily diet, take a look at our top 5 easy recipes. And let us know if you have a favourite you’d... Read More


Pro Peptide’s Effect on Performance – With Scientific Evidence

CNP Pro Peptide has long been a favourite among Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes. It delivers a HIGH PROTEIN YIELD (45g), with the support of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, making it a highly performance-centred formulation. The blend of protein sources give it both a FAST-ACTING and SUSTAINED-RELEASE element that can really benefit overall health and performance. A study by Kerksick et al, looked at the effects of protein and amino acid supplementation on performance and training adaptations, during a 10 week resistance training plan. Thirty-six males who regularly train in the gym were... Read More