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9 Ways To Stay On Track Over The Festive Period (Without Being The Grinch!)

  Christmas doesn’t have to mean weight gain. It starts with your advent calendar chocolates, and ends with… well, where does it end? The festive period can be one long whirlwind of meals, snacks, drinks, and bizarre food choices (mince pies for breakfast, anyone?) If you don’t want to look like Santa by the time January rolls around, it’s time to put some measures in place. Now. Can you enjoy the festive period without sacrificing your health and fitness goals? We think so. And this is how to do it.... Read More

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Ultimate Guide To Cooking With Protein Powder

Show that tub of protein powder some love by taking it beyond the shaker bottle!   We’ve all mixed up our fair share of whey protein shakes: water, whey, mixer bottle, done! And whilst that’s undeniably a great way to meet your protein numbers and get essential amino acids into your day, sometimes it gets… well… a bit boring.  If you’ve been looking for more exciting ways to put protein powder into your daily diet, take a look at our top 5 easy recipes. And let us know if you have a favourite you’d... Read More

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CNP Birthday Cake Protein Cookies

To celebrate the launch of CNP’s 20th Birthday… that’s right 20 years making the best sports nutrition products on the market, we have launched a new Pro Peptide flavour! And this one is unbelievable, but don’t take our word for it though… That’s right, Birthday Cake Pro Peptide. A mix of an amazing birthday cake flavour profile, birthday sprinkles and our new smooth Peptide formula. A winner when it comes to taste and something untouchable in terms of performance. If that wasn’t enough, we decided to get creative and threw... Read More


CNP Cream Egg Protein Waffles

Happy Easter! This Easter themed meal is an ideal treat this bank holiday and is incredibly easy to make! The toppings are of course optional; however it wouldn’t be Easter without Cream Eggs, right?! High in protein, high in fibre, totally delicious and nutritious! Ingredients: Protein Waffles 40g x Powdered Oats 1 x Scoop Strawberry Protein Powder – CNP Pro-Peptide 1 x Tsp Strawberry Flavouring 2 x Free Range Eggs 1x Tsp Baking Powder 2x Tbsp Greek Yoghurt   Toppings (Optional) 1x Cadbury’s Cream Egg Zero Calorie Syrup (I Used... Read More

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CNP Breakfast Bowls by Andrew Rodgers

  Big love from team CNP to bodybuilder Andrew Rodgers (Insta – @andrewrodgerspt) for these great breakfast bowl ideas. If you love Keto….. look away NOW! Each one uses a one or a combination of our CNP Pro Peptide and Pro Porridge, taking what is (and lets be honest) a moderate to high calorie cheat type meal and sharpening it up into something which is going to both aid recovery and build muscle. With the Pro Peptide added into the mix you are getting a diverse multitude of protein sources, providing... Read More


Team Sky Chef shows how to make CNP Peptide Pancakes

Team Sky Chef Søren Kristiansen @teamskychef shows us how to whip up high protein pancakes fit for an athlete, using our very own CNP Peptide. Give your Pancake Day indulgence a nutritional boost! Click to watch.   All set to give it a go yourself? Ingredients 1 Egg 1 Tablespoon of Sugar 1 Scoop CNP Peptide (CLICK TO SHOP FOR CNP PEPTIDE) 150ml – 200ml Semi Skimmed Milk 50g Plain Flour 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil 30g Lake District Dairy Co. Quark 1 Tablespoon Flax Seeds Makes 4 pancakes Method... Read More