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How To Meal Prep For A Fight: Diet Master – Kerry Kayes

Today we’ll be providing you with a little background information on nutrition to help you when it comes to your own nutrition and diet, no matter your goals. There are 2 parts of your body composition that you are in control of – thought nutrition and lean muscle mass & body fat. In order to make weight, you will no doubt need to implement a diet strategy, if you cut back equally on your macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) you will cannibalise (burn off) muscle and body fat alike. Muscle,... Read More

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Pro GDA discussion and use with Aaron Hudson

As someone who gains fat and water weight (and muscle, thankfully!) very easily, over the years I’ve used my fair share of glucose disposal agents (GDAs). For years bodybuilders have used particular ingredients (mainly Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Chromium) to help with insulin sensitivity and the uptake of glucose into muscle cells. I’m not going to get all scientific in this. I’m not intelligent enough for starters, but also with how knowledge and research develop and progresses this article may be out of date and I’d be looking like... Read More

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Fight Prep – Day of the Fight By Kerry Kayes

  It’s the day off the fight! The day you have been waitin g for, the hard work has been put in and your reward is hours away. Time to make the last 24hrs count. All your meals should now be complex carbohydrates (low GI, slow release). High protein is not a requirement, but you may have some with each meal. The Glycemic Index (G.I) of carbohydrates is a measurement of how fast or slow those carbohydrates are absorbed. Normally you eat carbs with protein, fats and fibre, this slows... Read More

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Fight Prep: Boxers Peak Week Protocol (7 Days Out) – by Kerry Kayes

At 7 days out from any fight no stone can be left unturned and every decision is calculated. What happens over the next week MUST bring the athlete into the fight in peak physical condition come fight day whilst also making weight. Below, taken from Kerry Kaye’s (Nutritionist & Strength Coach to Tony Bellew) legendary Diet Master protocol for boxers, is his checklist and plan he uses with his fighters.   7 Days Out It is important to start by addressing the athlete digestive track. As waste products can remain... Read More



What are the post contest blues? The post contest period for many competitors and more commonly female competitors can be a very strange time, particularly for athletes in individual sports which are based on appearance such as bodybuilding and figure/bikini contests. And it is not uncommon to feel down or depressed during the post-competition period.   “But why? Surely you should be riding that wave of being in the best shape of your life!” Surprisingly maybe to the outsider looking in you would only expect this from someone who did... Read More


CARDIO – The Necessary Evil?

When someone mentions cardio, you may think “evil,” but take a step back for just a moment. As reluctant as you may be to get on that treadmill, give cardio a chance. When properly included with weight training, a good cardio plan will lead you to an ideal world of fat loss and help you develop that ideal physique. Cardio types HIIT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has the potential to torch maximum calories in the shortest amount of time possible. The idea is that you perform short periods of... Read More

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My Brothers 12 Week Transformation – With Zac Fotheringham

It was 12 weeks before the midland UKDBFA qualifier for the finals and my little brother asked if I thought he could get on the stage for the first time!? I told him he had the physique not only to get on stage but also to do really well. The problem is that he’s never really taken the whole lifestyle very serious. He has always been in great shape but never in the condition to step on stage. I told him he would need to learn to train optimally and... Read More

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I am delighted and very grateful to be part of the CNP Family as a sponsored athlete! So here is an introduction into myself, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Randeep Lotay and I am from Birmingham. I train at an truly amazing gym, Ultimate Fitness Birmingham and I have been a competitive bodybuilder for the past 7 years. I got into training from a young age whilst still at school. I remember on Friday afternoons, we had a choice to play football, go ice skating,... Read More



  Rewind to October 2004, I had just won the British Overall Championships as a heavyweight bodybuilder. I was the happiest person in the world, or so I thought; for I had just achieved one of my dreams – turning Pro in a sport that I was deeply passionate about. This meant so much to me, it still does. Pride filled me from head to toe & I was now able to represent my country on the International stage, how many athletes get to say that?  The next stage for... Read More