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Brian Rose Talks Nutrition & His Biggest Challenge to Date

Brian ‘The Lion’ Rose is about to take on the most challenging fight of his professional career. This Saturday (following the England vs Italy World Cup match), Brian takes on American Demetrius Andrade in New York for the WBO world light-middleweight belt.


Brian has been a CNP athlete for several years, working closely with Kerry Kayes to create a nutritional program that ensures he can maximize his speed, power, strength and endurance to go the full 12 rounds in a the most pressurised fight of his life. This has helped him win his last 11 fights and pick up the Lonsdale belt and the WBO Inter-Continental title.


He invited us to spend some time with him at Betta Bodies gym in Manchester where he talked us through how he and his trainer Bobby Rimmer have been preparing for this fight; from adapting to fighting a southpaw with an awkward style, to how his nutritional program has never been more important.


Brian looked in fantastic shape as he sparred with Bobby, a combination of explosive and aggressive but lean and light on his feet and as he said; able to go the full distance required.


He revealed that since working with CNP, he has been able to make weight easier, has become stronger and, surprisingly, he can now eat more than he did before. He puts this down to the low carb, high protein nutritional program that has been supplied to him by CNP.


When asked about the how CNP products have helped him, Brian shrugs and replies that the results are in how he feels, how he looks and how he can now perform.

This is when Kerry joins the conversation and explains that nutrition for boxers is very similar to nutrition for bodybuilders. The visual results are different but what they are trying to achieve at a muscular and physiological level are the same.

Kerry also talks about how it’s important to get the micro nutrition (vitamins and minerals) right before you start with the macro nutrition (protein, carbs, etc).


To celebrate Brian’s world title fight, we have put together a special CNP ‘Lion Package’ consisting of all the CNP products that Brian has been taking during his preparations for the fight.

The LION package:


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CNP Pro Omega


CNP Pro Peptide 

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