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Blackburn Rovers’ nutrition strategy

Blackburn Rovers Manager, Gary Bowyer, sees Rover’s nutrition strategy as being key to the team performing at their best.  Responsible for this is Chris Neville, the team’s Head of Athletic Performance.

Chris has developed individual diet plans for each of the players to ensure they are in the best condition possible.  He commented: Each player is different in terms of height, weight and build, as well as the way their bodies process nutrients. That’s why it is important to tailor the diet plan to the individual using different levels and sources of nutrients to best suit their needs. Key to this plan are the products our sports nutrition partner CNP’s range provides, because of both the high quality of the ingredients used to make them, and the breath of the range available meant that all players’ specific needs could be provided for.”

This nutrition plan sees strikers such as Rudy Gestede and Jordan Rhodes, and captain Matt Kilgallon, take Pro MR, a low calorie protein shake designed to give large amounts of nutrients to support muscular strength; CNP Energy, for sustained release of energy throughout training and the match; Hydro Tabs which provide electrolytes essential for performance that are lost through sweat; and Pro Recover, fast acting proteins and carbohydrates designed to help the stressed muscles recover quickly, ready for the next match.

CNP nutrition expert Tommy Gaughan commented: “We’ve worked with Chris Neville over the years to ensure each player’s got the right types of fuel to perform optimally”

“Blackburn have played more games than most professional football teams this season, so nutrition is paramount to supporting continued success.”

CNP is used to helping elite athletes perform at their best, having been the choice sports nutrition products for two-times Tour de France winners Team Sky and the highly successful GB cycling team. In fact 37 professional English football clubs opt to buy CNP’s products over being sponsored by rival brands, a confidence shared by the British Special Forces who also put their trust in CNP’s range.

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