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Bellew in the Condition of his Life Ahead of Cleverly Bout

Title: Bellew in the condition of his life ahead of Cleverly bout

Tony ‘The Bomber’ Bellew gets ready for the most hotly anticipated fight of his career in Liverpool on Saturday against nemesis, Nathan Cleverly. It’s become one of the biggest rivalries in British boxing and Bellew, part of ‘Team CNP,’ let us inside the ropes just days away from the fight to get an exclusive insight into his training camp…

How’s the training going, Tony?

 Absolutely fantastic. I have been very diligent and given it everything. Everyone’s wondering whether I can stay calm on Saturday given all the build up to the fight, but I know I have done everything I possibly can in camp, so I can focus on staying cool. I’m in the best shape possible and I’m really looking forward to the fight. I have a huge amount of confidence – now It’s in my hands to just go out there and win the fight. I’m ready to go to war!


Has your training been more intense this time around, particularly since you first started boxing?

My training is explosive, more power-based and technically boxing specific. In the past two decades since I started boxing, a lot of boxing training has been focused on endurance – running for 10 miles and three hour sessions in the gym, which doesn’t have any real benefits. These days, I have a more scientific approach to training and look at every little detail to get me in the best shape possible. There is no doubt that my current approach has made me a better boxer and stronger athlete.


How easy do you find getting your nutrition right?

It’s important as my training. It’s vital because getting the right nutrition has maximised my recovery in-between the hard days, weeks & months I’ve been in camp, so I’m ready to get back in the gym and go again.

I’m a lot more conscious of what I eat nowadays, which comes with experience. Whereas in the past, I’d be straight on the pizzas, kebabs, & takeaways after a fight, I’ve wiped all that out now. I want to be at my best and stay on top of the game, so I need to be as strict with my diet as I am with my training, in and out of camp.  You cannot be constantly on the fried chicken & chips unless you’re Floyd Mayweather.

 I make sure I take on a lot of protein to keep me in shape. I’m not a ripped up person with muscles popped out of their ears. I’m long, lean and strong – the perfect physique for my weight in boxing.


What makes staying on a strict nutrition programme easier for you?

With age and maturity, you learn a lot and it’s important to have experts around you. As a boxer, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The buck stops with me and I’m the boss of my career, but I trust my team and listen to all the advice that is given to me to get the maximum results.

The last thing you want is your body to reject the food you’re eating in camp and your body falls apart. Nutrition has to be a lot more complete.


Can you give our boxing fans one piece of nutritional advice?

Mixing up combinations of flavourings and the way the food is cooked keeps it interesting. A big motivation for me is knowing that following a proper diet helps you recuperate, progress and to stay strong.


What are you essential recovery supplements?

 I take CNP Pro Recover, CNP Pro Peptide. I also have some coconut water to help me hydrate during camp. Vitamins, CNP Pro Vitals and CNP Pro Omega are also important. I do everything I can to make sure my recovery process is as effective as possible.


Tony Bellew’s Top Three Products

Pro High Protein Meal Bar – it contains 30 grams of our high quality fast and slow protein blend and tastes great

Pro Recover Drink Powder – a great recovery product that prevents muscle breakdown. Helps me recover after a tough sparring session

Pro Peptide Protein Advanced Time Release – this provides all of the amino acids, protein fractions and peptides that your body needs to grow lean, healthy and muscular. Perfect for a boxer


Why do you use CNP?

I have used CNP products for a long time. As a professional athlete you want products that you can trust, easy to use and deliver proven results. CNP ticks all of those boxes for me.