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All Things GDA – Part 3, A User Guide, By Savannah Westerby

For the third instalment of our GDA series, we will explore the practical applications of Glucose Disposal Agents and how you might want to stack them with compatible CNP products. Hopefully, by now, you are already clued up on what a GDA is and how the key ingredients we have chosen to include contribute to its effectiveness.

If not, check out our previous posts covering all the background information you need!

Assuming you already have, or are ready to order, your GDA, it’s time to decide when and how to take it for maximum gains!


How to take it

GDAs can be taken almost any time that a single meal containing a large amount of carbohydrates is consumed (minimum 50-80g) to improve insulin control and stabilise blood sugar levels. We recommend taking no more than 3 servings per day. One should certainly be positioned pre-workout. During a dieting phase when carbohydrates are largely, if not all, placed around sessions, this may be sufficient. For those in an offseason with more freedom to partition carbohydrates into several high CHO meals throughout the day, the upper 2-3 servings will be more suitable.

The supplement can be used to improve training in variety of athletes. We can manipulate the effects of the supplement for more effective pre-workout carb loading to increase muscle glycogen levels, improving performance in both endurance and resistance athletes. Bodybuilders will also experience more impressive pumps in the working muscle as a result. We would recommend taking a serving of Pro GDA with your high carb pre-workout meal to assist in shuttling those carbs, thereby providing more fuel for your session!

During the post-workout window, the body has heightened sensitivity to carbohydrates and is in a great place to absorb nutrients. After a particularly taxing session, for example those partaking in strongman, powerlifting meets, etc, a GDA can help drive these into the muscle for recovery. Use with caution here as there is unlikely to be as much benefit to taking a GDA post-workout in someone who has a low-moderate overall carb diet (such as a small female prepping for a bikini show). It could cause blood sugar to drop too low and result in mild side effects (dizziness, light headedness).

Finally, a glucose disposal agent can be a great tool to implement when consuming cheat meals/refeeds to prevent unwanted blood sugar spikes, shuttling glycogen into the muscle and limiting the potential for acute fat gain.


Recommended Stack



For greatest benefit, we would recommend taking Pro GDA with your pre-workout meal 60-90 minutes before your session. In the final 30 minutes or so before your workout, take a serving of Pro Pump to maximise blood flow to the working muscles for extreme fullness and vascularity!


Intra-workout, sip on Cyclic Dextrin (a high-quality carbohydrate powder which is easy on the GI tract) with an optional amino acid drink. This combination ensures that the body has a constant tasty supply of energy and building blocks for protein throughout the session. This will increase endurance, pump, and overall quality of the session.


Soon post workout, consume a serving of Pro Recover. With 23g protein, 46g carbohydrates and added vitamins, this convenient shake is the perfect first step towards post-workout recovery and optimising muscle growth.

Pro Synthesise, our all-workout product, can be added in at a time most convenient for you. An unflavoured option is available for your chocolate proteins, alternatively, create flavour combos such as lime with cola pro pump (highly recommended!). Among a whole host of valuable ingredients, is 3g Creapure creatine- a staple supplement for strength and power.



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