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All Day Recovery With EAAs

EAAs you can enjoy all day – EAA Ice

The most refreshing way to improve your recovery

We all know the rules about daily hydration: athletic folk should drink 50ml of water per kg bodyweight. If you’re 70kgs, that’s 3.5 litres, or if you’re a 120kg mass monster, you need to chug down 6 litres a day.

Trouble is, water can get pretty damn boring can’t it? Herbal teas and sugar-free cordial can get you so far, but after a while you want something different. Tasty, refreshing, and most of all healthy.

Our new EAA Ice ticks all the boxes. So don’t keep it as an intra-workout. This is an advanced EAA drink you can enjoy all day.

Sorry, squash… ciao, cordial! Your time is up. There’s a new daily drink on the block… and it has a much better nutrition label.


What is EAA Ice?

Pro EAA Ice is our innovative new EAA drink powder. It’s loaded with essential amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes to support your workouts. But why wait for a training day to enjoy the refreshing fruity flavour and incredible ingredients blend? EAA Ice is a great choice to sip on any time of the day.

Pro EAA Ice contains three trademarked ingredients. Each serving gives you 7000mg of EAAs as Amino9™. This blend of the nine essential amino acids is clinically-substantiated to optimise muscle protein synthesis and keep you in a high net protein balance. EAA Ice also contains 500mg Sustamine™ per serving. This dipeptide ingredient combines L-Alanine and L-Glutamine to boost your recovery even further. Then there’s 1000mg CocoMineral™, the low carb low fat coconut water extract which is instantised for better absorption. It contains the key electrolytes sodium and potassium, which will keep you well hydrated during training or on warm days. EAA Ice also contains 25ug Vitamin B12 per serving.

How does it stay cold?

Here’s the really clever bit. Pro EAA Ice actually tastes cold right through to the final sip. And it’s nothing to do with how cold the water is, or what bottle you mix it in. It’s actually down to the ingredient blend we call Ice Breeze. You know how menthol products taste cold and fresh? We used that exact same taste technology, but removed the minty flavour and replaced it with fruit notes. It gives the same taste experience as menthol, but without the mint. It’s incredibly refreshing.


How do EAAs boost recovery?

The nine essential amino acids (EAAs) help your body stay in a net protein balance, so you avoid catabolism (muscle breakdown) and stay in an anabolic state where you can build and protect muscle.  The blend of nine amino acids in Pro EAA ice has been clinically shown to boost muscle protein balance.

It’s the ideal drink to sip on all day long.