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A legend is reborn – Introducing Pro Peptide

Muscle Memory…

Pro Peptide has been known for two decades as one of the most advanced and well-developed protein formulations on the market. Using Native Whey protein, combined with Micellar Casein (Not Caseinate) and Egg Albumen. This blend supplied a multi-speed release Protein yield of 45g per serving, and had the addition of Peptide Bonded Glutamine (Not Wheat Protein), alongside Yoghurt enzymes.

This has made Pro Peptide the go-to Protein supplements for elite athletes and those who take their sports nutrition seriously around the globe, utilising the high spec formulation to hit their goals in muscle, power and strength. At CNP we are proud of this heritage or ‘Muscle Memory’ of the brand and still use this approach to formulate all our products to the high standard you expect.

Muscle Future…

As with most things in life, the world moves on and develops, and we at CNP always look to break the mould with every new formulation. The best only stays the best by evolving, so we have worked hard to find ways in which we can add to and improve the Pro Peptide formula to deliver even better results and to stay at the forefront of Protein formulations.

With this in mind, we have made some changes we are more than excited to shout about, which will help you get even more from your nutrition:


Increased Protein Yield

That’s right, we’ve increased the Protein yield per serving, with some flavours now going as high as 48g per serving.

While increasing the yield we have also undergone updates to the Protein blend ratios. Based on new research we have adjusted these further to include in more Native Whey Protein, Micellar Casein and high-quality Milk Protein Isolate (Which also delivers a higher protein percentage that other forms of Milk Protein).


Advanced Digestive Support

It’s all well and good getting in the right macronutrients, but it’s just as important to support your gut in order to best utilise what we’re putting in. Your body is a machine and its maintenance should be of paramount importance. For this reason, we have looked to develop the digestive enzyme and probiotic stack within the Pro Peptide formulation.

Pro Peptide of old combined Bifidus, Acidophilus and Yoghurt Enzymes within the Protein blend, however now with access to new trademarked ingredients we have made some great improvements.

Enter DigeZyme™ and Lactospore™ into the Pro Peptide formulation, providing clinically trialled forms of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.

Digezyme™ is a multi-enzyme complex made up of Amylase, Lactase, Cellulase, Lipase and Protease. These enzymes help to break down Carbohydrates, Lactose, Cellulosic Fibres, Fats and Proteins. Additionally, these groups of enzymes are resistant to the action of acidic Gastric fluids, whilst retaining their digestive activity. Meaning the stay active within the digestive tract for a considerable time after ingestion.

Lactospore™ is a naturally occurring spore-forming microorganism, which upon activation in the acidic stomach environment protect your body from the growth of harmful bacteria. This assists in the maintenance of a normal, healthy, balanced microbial population in the gastro-intestinal tract.

This combination will significant further improve he overall delivery of Pro Peptide and gives superior digestive support to your body.


Driven by Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for muscle function on a cellular level making its regulation of high important for athletes of all sports. Whilst also being important to the vast population for overall cell health.

For athletes specifically, the main benefits of optimal magnesium levels come from:

Energy & Hormones – Magnesium is a vital element in a plethora of chemical reactions which convert the simple units of amino acids, glucose and fatty acids produced by digestion into ATP. It also aids chemical reactions within the hormone arena and has been shown to have a positive effect on testosterone, IGF-1 and GH levels.

Muscle Size & Strength– Of supreme importance Magnesium helps stabilise our DNA, meaning protein can be synthesised efficiently (into muscle if the right stimulus is provided) and cells properly maintained.

Insulin Sensitivity – The benefit here begins with carbohydrate metabolism, extend to it effects on glucagon and insulin, then end with improvements overall body composition.

Optimal Enzyme Activity – Hundreds of bodily metabolic processes are magnesium dependant. From energy production as mentioned above to the regulation of cholesterol.



Pro Peptide has changed, for the better, and with you, the athlete, in mind. We aim to keep our formulations at the forefront of the supplement market, and bring you effective products that deliver hard hitting result that support you with your competitive goals and aspirations.

New formula Pro Peptide available now, and start 2018 with the right tools to succeed!