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2021 Diet Hacks

Fat Loss – it’s something a lot of us wish to achieve but a concept that a lot of us have such difficulty putting into practice!

So, I want to give you 5 hacks to put into practice that aren’t talking about logistics and macros, they’re simple habits you can implement into your daily routines to support fat loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.

1.Get to sleep earlier. Sounds a bit soft in terms of advice for fat loss considering sleep has nothing to do with nutrition or training, right?! Correct. But sleep is a huge contributor to our mood. Better sleep often results in sharper thinking, sharper thinking often leads to us feeling more productive and when we feel this way, it directly influences our decision making. This means we opt for cleaner foods as opposed to short term gratifications. We have the energy to train or to go for that walk as opposed to binging Netflix. We’re more energised humans and that can only be a good thing!

2. Create yourself a morning routine. Having a simple morning routine sets your standards and tone for the day. Something as simple as getting up on time (set an alarm), consuming a staple breakfast for example – overnight oats + CNP Whey Spooky Toffee Pudding with Blueberries (my personal favourite), drinking a pint of water (hydrating from the get-go) and taking some staple supplements such as CNP Multi-Vit can set the day off in a really positive direction. Accomplishing small tasks that are a part of a productive morning routine makes you feel like you have several small wins under your belt from the get-go! Start strong and you’re less likely to be led astray throughout the day.

3. Make it easy for yourself. We’re all busy – I get it. Sometimes we need quick and effective intakes so we can put our focus on our daily jobs and tasks and not lose focus. This is where MRPs such as the CNP MRP may come in handy. Box clever if your diary is hectic and arm yourself with nutrient dense intakes like this to get your fix effectively. Obviously ‘real food’ is always the preferred option, but sometimes our lifestyles make it difficult. What we don’t want is to go hours without eating & find ourselves wanting to binge on chocolates and sweets due to missing meals and snacks during the day.

4. Be calorie conscious on weekends. A lot of us do great Monday through Friday. We track our foods; we stick with our usual routines and remain on point. Then we let ourselves down on the weekends by stopping all good habits and overindulging. If you enjoy a cheat meal, be sure to safeguard your progress by strategically increasing your calorie expenditure too. Imagine over-consuming on calories like over-spending on a credit card! You must pay it back. Think, how am I going to pay these calories back?!

5. Uphold Standards. A lot of us don’t have certain standards in place. These are extremely useful and can be considered your weekly non-negotiables. Without these, you’ll have no problem letting yourself off the hook when it comes to hitting X number of steps or X number of workouts per week. If you don’t feel like it, you’re not held to anything, so you’ll have no issue granting yourself permission to skip it. Set yourself certain standards to uphold weekly like training frequency, weekly step targets, sleep targets, hydration targets. All of these things contribute to the way you perform, feel and adhere to a certain way of living.

Author: Josh Beet