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Now is the Time to Supplement with Protein

When I began lifting weights at the youthful age of sixteen, I had no idea what supplements were. I had no clue if I should take them or even if they were “legal.” I did know, however, that people with much more muscle mass than me (no great feat at the time) were walking out of the gym with loud, transparent shaker bottles. “What’s in this bottle and why does it need to be shaken?” I wondered.

So finally, I worked up the courage and asked someone. Come to find out, what I heard clanging around the shaker bottle was nothing more than protein powder and water. So I began to think, “Why is supplementing with protein so important?”

Fast-forward nearly ten years, and I have my answer(s). Supplementing with protein poses many benefits. Some of these benefits are physiological in our pursuits of performance and wellness while others are much more human in nature. If you are interested as to why now is the perfect time to begin with protein powder, especially given the world’s current circumstances, read on.

Protein Powder Provides Convenience

Convenience is by far the greatest reason to consume a protein supplement. Yes, there are likely some specific and scientific benefits to consuming Whey Protein as opposed to other forms after a workout.  However, simply the convenience of having a bolus of protein whenever needed is an unparalleled benefit.

As the world slowly returns to normalcy, so too will our daily schedules. This may include working on location instead of from home, exercising at the gym instead of the living room or spending an increased amount of time in transit from one place to another.

It’s easy to perfect your protein habits when quarantine forces you to reside ten feet from the refrigerator, but the convenience of protein supplements cannot be overstated as lives become busier. And the reason convenience matters is because it allows you to…

…Easily Hit Your Daily Protein Target

Obviously, these two reasons have significant interplay. Ensuring the consumption of adequate protein is important to aid in muscular recovery and promote hypertrophy. That information is common knowledge. However, it’s much more difficult to execute in reality than it is to conceptualize mentally.

Basically what this boils down to is, you can set yourself up for success by having a protein supplement during a break at work, upon finishing up in the gym or while commuting from one place to another.

Your Body is Primed for Development

If you’re someone whose training regimen has been altered secondary to global circumstances, this final reason probably applies to you. Perhaps you’ve made the most of living room HIIT training or dips with coffee table, and if so, you deserve to be commended. However, these conditions are at the very least not ideal or what you are accustomed to. Therefore, when your body feels the barbell again, it’s in for a shock. This means increased soreness, but also increased sensitivity to training.

So, why does this matter?

Much like when novice trainees experience great increases of size and strength during their first year of training, your body may be in for several months of extra gains upon reentering the gym. In order to take full advantage of this window, it’s a good idea to ensure your protein intake is high and of the best quality. That’s where protein supplements can be of great benefit. 

The Bottom Line on Protein Supplementation

Protein powder is a staple in the diets of busy fitness enthusiasts. It’s a convenient method of hitting your daily protein target with superior ingredients. As life (hopefully) returns to normal, consider setting yourself up for success by including a protein supplement within your diet.

Speaking of superior ingredients, CNP’s Isolate is among the highest quality protein supplements on the market today. A compound that’s roughly 90% protein, this supplement is ideal for those looking to either lose body fat or gain lean muscle. Further, these 26g of protein per serving are composed of 13% leucine, an amino acid particularly paramount in the recovery and construction of lean muscle. Finally, Isolate uses a minimal amount of lactose, making this product ideal for those with varying degrees of dairy intolerance.

Written by, Dr Brian Grant, PT, DPT, CSCS