Joel Gartland – Competition Prep Supplements Stack

Here you go guys, these are the key supplements I use during prep. Some may come as a surprise, and some will be great additions that you may have overlooked:   Pro Creatine E2 – I always get a lot of questions about this one, such as “Won’t creatine make you hold water” and “Aren’t you worried it can make you look bloated and smooth!?”. But here is the reality, yes creatine will make you hold water, but what most don’t know is that this water will be intra-muscular (within the muscle)... Read More


Joel Gartland – Backstage Pump-Up Protocol

We all know it… and there is no denying it… the best feeling in the world is… “THE PUMP”! And when you have it you’re always thinking “If I could only look and feel like this all the time!” Before I go on stage I always make time to get my full pump up routine in, as it is an essential part the end presentation of my physique. The exercises need to be done with an effective level of intensity, to fill the muscles with blood and provide the desired level... Read More


PRO FUSION Bar: Taste-imonials

Is it possible to #TREATYOURSELF and stay on track? 100% YES! Pro Fusion Bar’s don’t taste like a protein bar, they don’t look like a protein bar but they have all the benefits of: 20g of Protein per bar Amazing crispy & chewy texture Less than 2g of sugar per bar  More satisfying than a chocolate bar But don’t just take our word for it…………….  



One thing that motivates us for our next workout is a new Pre-Workout. Something powerful, potent, and loaded with high quality ingredients that make a difference! Granted, there are a lot of Pre-Workouts out there that just give a big hit of Caffeine with a few poorly-dosed Amino acids. Once you see passed these, your eyes will more likely fall on CNP Pro Pane! There are certain requirements that we feel are important for any high-quality Pre-Workout supplement… 1 – Blood-Flow (Pump) facilitation 2 – Stimulation 3 – Hydration 4... Read More



One of the first and (in my opinion) most important supplements (even though it’s not really a supplement) is whey protein. Ask any gym noob, when they “start at the gym” they’re “on the protein”. Whey protein seemingly has an air of notoriety that when you’re “on it” it’ll help you grow and get lean and basically cause a massive body composition shift. It doesn’t. Obviously. Well not quite like that… What it is though is a very highly absorbable source of protein, which is generally low in carbohydrates and... Read More


The History of The Legendary CNP PRO PEPTIDE

CNP Pro Peptide has been a market leading blend for many years. Athletes see it as a truly functional, high-performance protein blend designed to deliver results. Professional athletes around the globe use Pro Peptide as their go-to protein supplement as it delivers a range of protein sources in a way that the body can really utilise them. Protein as we all know, helps us maintain and build muscle mass, which is important for athletes of all backgrounds. In Bodybuilding specifically, a high quality protein source is key to achieving success;... Read More



  “Intra-workout nutrition” is a phrase banded around the industry probably more than “the 30 minute anabolic window” ever was… It’s the new “cool”. It’s the new “it” thing. But, what is it? I’m not going to lie, I’m always sceptical of new supplements. I don’t buy into “lab tests” or “studies”. They are usually funded by companies looking to skew results to prove their product works and is necessary. Personally, I like the tried and tested. The old motto of “if Dorian Yates didn’t do it, why do I... Read More



CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin – What, How & When to use… CNP Pro Cyclic Dextrin is a high-quality carbohydrate source, growing in popularity amongst athletes of all backgrounds. It is produced through the breakdown of starch. A unique enzyme is used to form clusters of sugar molecules. Further branching enzymes are then used to form the Cyclic Dextrin into longer chains. It’s these chains which elongate the absorption process within the intestine, making this not only fast-acting, but sustained in its delivery.     Pro Cyclic Dextrin for Pre-Workout… Many... Read More


Steady State Cardio Explained (SSC)

A sustained period of low-moderate paced exercise is often referred to as Steady State Cardio (SSC). This can be done in various ways, be it on a rowing machine in the gym, on a stationary bike at home, or even a brisk walk or jog around town! You may choose to buddy up with a friend or meet up with a local group to make it a more social and enjoyable way to burn those calories. Or you may like to use SSC as a bit of alone time to... Read More


The Importance of Protein for Weight Loss

In recent years people have started to gain a better understanding of how important protein is in their daily diet. Long gone are the myths that eating a good amount of protein will make you explode with muscles and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A high protein diet in fact can act as your secret weapon when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals!         Many people do however still view high protein foods as being high calorie too, or even fattening! This really is not the... Read More