Ingredients Series – All you need to know about Magnesium

What is Magnesium? Magnesium is a dietary element found in whole foods such as dark leafy greens and most whole grains, it is the second most abundant element in the body. Growing ever more popular, and found in many sports supplements/formulas, it is one of the most under rated supplements going.   What does Magnesium do? Magnesium is essential for muscle function on a cellular level making its regulation of high importance for athletes of all sports. While also being important to the vast population for overall cell health. For... Read More


Partners with elite athletes across the board – Bolton Wanderers

  Bolton Wanderers Football Club have today announced CNP as official sports nutrition partners for the remainder of the 2017-2018 season. The Hyde-based CNP will provide Bolton Wanderers with sports nutrition products for the remainder of the 2017-2018 season to help the squad maximise their performance during the second half of the season. Andrew Ivers, Head of Marketing CNP, said “We are delighted to be able to provide Bolton Wanderers with a range of sports nutrition products that are designed to help the squad perform at the highest level. As... Read More


Ingredients Series – All you need to know about DigeZyme

What is DigeZyme? DigeZyme is a broad acting enzyme complex, which consists of 5 powerful digestive enzymes. These enzymes include; Amylase Protease Lipase Lactase Cellulase What does DigeZyme do? DigeZyme helps promote optimal gastrointestinal activity by improving gut health and ensuring digestion and nutrient absorption are at their peak, increasing nutrient turnover. This in turn, improves the bioavailability of those nutrients with the end result (in a sporting context), being better performance and recovery from a set diet. Clinical trials have shown a reduction in DOMS following standardised eccentric exercise... Read More


A legend is reborn – Introducing Pro Peptide

Muscle Memory… Pro Peptide has been known for two decades as one of the most advanced and well-developed protein formulations on the market. Using Native Whey protein, combined with Micellar Casein (Not Caseinate) and Egg Albumen. This blend supplied a multi-speed release Protein yield of 45g per serving, and had the addition of Peptide Bonded Glutamine (Not Wheat Protein), alongside Yoghurt enzymes. This has made Pro Peptide the go-to Protein supplements for elite athletes and those who take their sports nutrition seriously around the globe, utilising the high spec formulation... Read More

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Your Protein Requirements – COVERED

  Earlier this week we brought some clarity to protein requirements when it comes to improving muscle mass and body composition. Now its time to explore the sources from which you can obtain this protein, in particular those most advantageous when choosing a supplement to support your nutrition from whole foods. Because unfortunately against what some would like you to believe all protein is not equal and their may be times when eating whole food is not convenient or possible. Protein Quality The quality of a protein is determined by its essential amino... Read More


Your Protein Requirements – Time To GROW

  Protein Requirements How much protein should I be eating each day? Is this enough protein per meal? What are my protein requirements to build muscle? I am sure we have all been asked and asked these types of questions at some point during our journey. Your right to ask them too, building muscle or improving body composition is a tough game and you don’t want to be missing the mark due to a fundamental flaw in your nutrition, through eating to little or even in some cases to much protein! So lets... Read More


Ingredients Series – All you need to know about Leucine

As the first in a long line of articles covering all the ingredients CNP and sports nutrition have to offer, the branch chain amino acid Leucine has been a popular addition to many athletes supplement stacks and here is why. What is Leucine? Leucine is one of the 3 branch chain amino acids (along with IsoLeucine and Valine). These amino acids are proteinogenic and assimilate biosynthetically into protein. Also classified as a Ketogenic amino acid (along with lycine) as it breaks down into a forerunner later converted into ketone bodies (these are... Read More


Why Pro Recover – By Zac Fotheringham

If you know me, then you’ll also know when it comes to product promotion I’m pretty straight spoken on my views and beliefs. Honesty and integrity are traits that I hold in high regard, sometimes this can upset people and other receive it with great appreciation.   The CNP Pro Recover is a product that not only I use but I have many of my client/athletes use. Packed with high GI carbohydrates, a blend of whey protein concentrate, hydrolysed whey protein and whey protein isolate with a high concentration of... Read More


Simple Guide to Bodybuilding: Nutrition and Diet

Calories are the key! I’ve tried to get round this using what I had hoped where exceptions to the rule over the years. With how different macros have different impacts on the body, nutrient timing & partitioning etc, but it has been working with Paul Scarborough this past year has cemented it for me: There is NO way around kcals in vs kcals out! You want to grow? Increase kcals in You want to diet down and drop fat? Increase kcals out Simple as. Throw as many studies as you want,... Read More



What are the post contest blues? The post contest period for many competitors and more commonly female competitors can be a very strange time, particularly for athletes in individual sports which are based on appearance such as bodybuilding and figure/bikini contests. And it is not uncommon to feel down or depressed during the post-competition period.   “But why? Surely you should be riding that wave of being in the best shape of your life!” Surprisingly maybe to the outsider looking in you would only expect this from someone who did... Read More