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Ben Swift


DOB: 1987

Nationality: British

Height: 1.79 M

Weight: 69 kgs

Twitter: @swiftybswift

Ben Swift is a professional cyclist, who currently races for Team Sky.

One of Britain’s top sprinting talents, ‘Swifty’ has enjoyed the winning feeling ever since he took his first stage victory at the 2009 Tour of Britain. Since then, he has ridden in both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France, and has had over ten stage victories in World tour races across Europe, and in Australia and California. Ben also excels on the track and added the world scratch race title to his glowing palmares in 2012. After a fantastic start to his 2014 season, Ben made his mark in the Giro D'Italia and then podiumed in the National Road Race Championships.

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