Charlotte Macgill Bio

Born Year.. 1988

Nationality..... British 

Weight..... currently 62kg

Height..... 5 foot 5


Twitter..... @char_macgill

How You Got Into Your Sport/When did you know you wanted to be a ..... figure competitor. I had always been body conscious and trained from the age of 16 however I would over train in the hope of gaining a six pack and toned physique. I was eating very little and becoming very skinny and frail. It wasn't until 2011 until I started weight training correctly and eating a healthy diet with the correct supplements to build muscle. After a year of the correct changes I saw my body change rapidly and decided I wanted to face the stage and show off my hard work. 

Benefits of being a... figure competitor. It's great to be a role model to those who want to change their physique and show them it is possible! I like to help people and show them where I started and that lifting heavy weights and eating protein will not make you big and bulky when in fact it gives you the healthy toned figure many girls strive for.

How often you train?..... I weight train 4 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week off season. Cardio increases during the prep for a competition but weight training remains the same.

Part of training you like best or which exercise? I do like training chest as I love the feel but I would say legs is probably the best as it is the most challenging body part to train and I love a challenge! Leg day is the hardest work out of them all and there can be tears but when it's done it's most definitely the most rewarding of all the work outs. It's a love hate relationship with the hack squat!

Most common question you get asked..... funnily enough a lot of guys ask me how much I bench lol when in fact I rarely bench press. I also get asked a lot about what I'm eating and why. 

Hero..... I absolutely love Dana Linn Bailey. She is my all time favourite as her physique is what I have looked up to in admiration from the start. I also love her commitment to the sport and her fans. She looks amazing and is a lovely person and down to earth.

What You Love Most About Your Sport.... I love the support you get with bodybuilding as it's a tight nit sport where everyone knows everyone to some extent and all supporting one another knowing what each I person is going through in prep. I love knowing how I can change my body, increasing muscle and decreasing body fat. Its like creating your own piece of art. 

CNP Supplements and general diet..... I always start my day with CNP  Pro Peptide mixed with my oats to make flavoured porridge. I take my Pro Vitals followed with Creatine E2, Pro Omega, and Pro CLA. I also take Pro lean when I am trying to lose some body fat. 

At lunch I take Pro CLA, Pro Vitals and pro Lean again with my meal. I love a Pro Flapjack as a treat as I LOVE the lemon meringue flavour! Especially if popped in the microwave for 10 seconds it turns into cake! Before and during training I drink a Pro Napalm to keep my energy levels up if I've had and busy day. 

After training I have 2 scoops of Pro Recover to replenish my body allowing it to recover and repair. 

In the evening I will have another pro peptide to allow a slow release of protein over night again allowing my muscle to recover and grow. I like to make a thicker consistency with the powder and water an freeze it to make ice cream or pan fry it to make a lovely pancake. It's good to change things up and adds variety. 

I also sometimes add Pro Mass into my diet if I am struggling to get the calories from food as this is a great complex carb and quality protein source. 

If I'm ever on the go or out for a meal in the off season I will use Pro Slams to substitute the protein I need if not gained from the meal. An easy way to get your protein in when out for the day. These are always handy pre workout too for me.

My daily diet along with these supplements usually consists of high protein, low fat and a carb cycling approach. My protein stays about 150g and my carbohydrates can fluctuate anywhere from 100g to 800g a day dependent on my goals at the time.

Favourite my favourite food when I'm being good is oats mixed with Pro Peptide, nuts and sultanas. My guilty pleasure is pick n mix. This is the first thing I have after a competition! Definitely have a sweet tooth. 

Favourite Music..... I don't really have a favourite I like a lot of music but I do love to train to house type music. 

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give or Best You've been given..... Never give up on your dreams. Believe it and you CAN achieve it! 

Most Memorable Moment..... It has to be winning the Nabba Universe. This is my greatest achievement yet and one of my proudest moments. Something that started as a dream has become a reality! 

Interests Away From Your Sport..... I work as a sports physiotherapist and I spend a lot of time working at Cosgrove physiotherapy which works really well with this sport and training. At weekend I like to chill out and watch a movie and do normal things away from training. Meals out in the off season is always a must with my boyfriend who also bodybuilds. I love catching up with my friends and family too!

Favourite CNP Product & Flavour..... my favourite is the chocolate caramel brownie Pro Peptide AND Lemon Meringue Flapjack!!